One Eye The Kiter - Fridge Magnet

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A beautiful gift for yourself or for a good friend, an Oceanbluesky eye catching Fridge Magnet
  • Colourful and inspirational images
  • High quality print on a 3 piece magnet material
  • The size of this 3 piece magnet is 30 cm x 15 cm
  • Easy placed in and around your home or work place
If you purchase 5 Magnets in one order you will receive a 10% OBS-Friends Discount-Voucher
for your next Oceanbluesky Product.


One Eye The Kiter

Kitesurfing “One Eye” a very fast breaking left hander at Le Morne on Mauritius Island has its own challenges. This very popular Kiteboarding wave breaks right in front of a very shallow coral reef. Going as deep inside as shown by the Pro Rider here means commitment. Bailing out is no option.

One Eye is probably the place where I spend most of my ocean time swimming with my camera equipment amongst the waves to capture the moments.

© Photo by Stephan Kleinlein Oceanbluesky Productions